3 Takeaways from Beyond the Chair: Team Seth Edition

March 21, 2017

Even with technical difficulties and periodic audio issues… One thing echoed loud and clear throughout the Beyond the Chair discussion with Team Seth – contagious, positive energy!!

Based out of Bristol, Wisconsin, Team Seth began with Captain Seth and a core group of five Angels. Seth lovingly refers to them as his second moms, but they insist that they’re more like the fun, crazy aunts. The team has grown in recent years and now includes over 10 Angels and a large, boisterous community of supporters. Team Seth really knows how to inspire!

Here are three quick takeaways from the recent Beyond the Chair: Team Seth Edition


1 – They know how to have fun…

From Team Seth themed socks to dancing. From #SethSelfies to good-humored teasing. This team is definitely not taking training runs or race days too seriously. Team Seth is fueled by fun, and they’re not shy about it!


2 – They enjoy the journey…

A race is often a microcosm of life’s journey and it’s obvious that this team savors the ups and downs of that journey – together! The joy of the energetic start is always overshadowed by the emotion of Seth’s march across the finish line. What happens in between the start and finish, and before race day, is unpredictable. It’s an uncharted journey they enjoy and encourage each other through – with light hearts, tired smiles, and sore legs!


3 – It’s all about the relationships…

No doubt about it! Seth has a nice collection of medals. This collection is the tangible result of his relationship with his Angels.

What’s striking is the depth of the intangibles the Angels draw from their relationship from Seth. Seth has shaped his Angels into better parents. He has influenced his Angels to focus more on what you can do in life vs. wasting time on what you can’t do. Though running brought them together, the relationships keep them coming back for more miles – together.

If Seth has his way, there will be many, many more miles ahead. He declared a 100-event challenge for his team! Who knows, with this team that may only be the beginning.

Thank you for sharing your contagious, positive energy.

Onward, Team Seth 🙂

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