About Us

Our Vision

A community which embraces, celebrates and empowers those with diverse abilities.

Our Values

Fellowship, Commitment, Safety, Integrity, Collaboration.

myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI is a 501(c)3 Human Service Organization

We provide athletic inclusion for athletes with diverse abilities through regular training and community road race and triathlon events.

Our growing, statewide team of 3,000+ believes in the importance of health, the power of teamwork and strength of community. As an organization, we work with race directors, schools, local businesses, healthcare systems, etc. to provide opportunities for you to make a difference in your community.

We are a secular organization based on Christian principles.


Our experience has shown us that there are a limited number of inclusive social events in our community for people with disabilities. Together, we can change that through community endurance athletics.

71% of our members described their personal myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI experience as "life changing".

Our Story


"They help me with things I've never been able to do before." - Captain

"A spiritual workout + a physical workout = myTEAM TRIUMPH" - Angel

Create your moment of Triumph