Become a Captain

Thank you for your interest in becoming a myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin


3 Easy Steps to Join

  1. Visit our event list and find an event that you want to participate in.

2. Fill out the registration form.

3. If you are able, join us for one of our weekly training runs.


What happens after I register?

After registration, you will begin receiving a series of emails from us giving you information about your event.  This communication will increase as race day approaches.  You do not need to register with the event itself! We do that for you!

Do I need to know my Angels before the race?

You do not need a full team of Angels to register!  We will match you up with Angels for race day.  If you do have a friend(s) that you want to race with, please note that on your registration form and we will do our best to honor your request.

Do I need to find my Angel team?

Nope! We have Angels all around the state waiting for YOU to register! Once you do, we will go to work to find them and let them know that they are need to help you TRIUMPH!

How much does it cost? 

Participation for our Captains is FREE!

Do I need to fundraise?

As a Captain, you are not required to fundraise, however, we greatly appreciate any effort that you make in this area! Your fundraising helps to ensure future opportunities for years to come!

How do I find the equipment I need for race day?

We will have the equipment for you to use with your Angel team on race day!  If you are concerned about the equipment, we suggest you attend a training run to try out some of our equipment options and get more familiar with the local crew that will be assisting you on race day.

Other Ways to Connect

Social Media

Connect with us on social media! We love following our Captains on their TRIUMPH journey and encourage you to post photos on our Facebook page using the hashtag, #runlikeangels!

Triumph Membership

Become a Triumph Member! You do not need to be a Triumph Member to participate with us (participation for Captain’s is free) but it does allow you a budget friendly way to support our mission year-round.  Don’t forget to share this opportunity with your family and friends!

Learn more about Triumph Memberships