Become an Angel

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Angel


3 Easy Steps to Join

  1. Visit our event list and find an event that you want to participate in.

2. Fill out the registration form.

3. If you are able, join us for one of our weekly training runs.


What happens after I register?

After registration, you will begin receiving a series of emails from us giving you information about your event.  This communication will increase as race day approaches.  You do not need to register with the event itself! We do that for you!

Do I need to know my Captain before the race?

Nope!  We have Captains all around the state waiting for you to help them TRIUMPH!  After you register, we will match you with a Captain in the area.  Training runs are a great way to connect with your Captain prior to race day!

Will I be running by myself on race day with my Captain?

While we have some ROCKSTAR Angel athletes around the state, chances are that you will not be running solo with your Captain.  You will be put on a team with 2-4 other Angels similar in pace.  Most of our Angels run between a 9-12 min/mile pace.

Do I need to find my own Angel team?

Nope! We will math you up with others from around the state.  If you do have a friend(s) that you want to race with, please note that on your registration form and we will do our best to honor your request.

How much does it cost? 

Since we are a nonprofit organization, we ask that you help us financially by either fundraising or paying the registration fee listed on our registration page.  Fees range from $40-$250 and are based on race size and distance.

Do I need to fundraise?

Yes, please!  Your fundraising not only helps us financially provide inclusive opportunities all around the state, but it also helps to spread the word and mission of out organization.

How do I find the equipment I need for race day?

We will have the equipment for you to use on race day!  If you are concerned about the equipment, we suggest you attend a training run to try out some of our equipment options.

How old do Angels need to be?

Each race is different but that general rule is that no-one under the age of 13 can participate in distances over a half-marathon.  But, we love when youth gets involved in the myTEAM TRIUMPH mission and always have room for them on our team – running or volunteering, our myTEAM TRIUMPH kids ROCK!

Other Ways to Connect

Social Media

Connect with us on social media! We love following our Captains on their TRIUMPH journey and encourage you to post photos on our Facebook page using the hashtag, #runlikeangels!

Triumph Membership

Become a Triumph Member! You do not need to be a Triumph Member to participate with us but it does allow you a budget friendly way to support our mission year-round and get some added perks!!!  Don’t forget to share this opportunity with your family and friends!

Learn more about Triumph Memberships