If you are looking to offer your athletic abilities so that others can Triumph, welcome to myTEAM TRIUMPH!!!

On myTEAM TRIUMPH, Charity Angels are the athletes who serve their Captain selflessly by fundraising and guiding their Captain with a disability in a race.

With myTEAM TRIUMPH, Angels have the honor of running WITH those they benefit!  We field multiple teams of able bodied and challenged athletes in the greatest endurance events around!  Each team is composed of up to three Angels and one Captain.

Each of these team members take turns in a given race pushing their Captain.  Why a team?  First, we want our Captains to safely cross the finish line.  Second, it’s our mission to build lasting, authentic relationships between people of all abilities.  So get two of your friends together and commit to making a difference!

If you don’t have others to run with, no worries!  You will have the chance to choose your distance and pace during registration.  We will do our best to match you up with others of similar ability.

Angel Athlete: Participate as team of Angels taking turns guiding your Captain to the finish line!  3 Angels make up a team.  No need to register with the actual event…myTEAM TRIUMPH takes care of all registrations for you.  When becoming an Angel for the first time, you will be provided with a complimentary Angel Shirt.  This is the same shirt you will wear on race day.  As an Angel you are commiting to the following:

  • mTT New Participant Workshop. This is required to have completed by all Angels prior to participating on race day. Workshop dates are offered monthly. During this workshop we will review our mission, important peices of being involved, and how to navigate through your journey.
  • Training Runs. Attending a minimum of 1-2 training runs prior to race day
  • Pre-Race Camp: Join the team for fellowship at Pre-Race Camp as we review the race day plan.
  • Race Day. Being an active member of the team on race day
  • Fundraising minimum per Angel. Angel fundraising is a commitment.  On each event page, the minimum fundraising amount is listed.  When you sign up, a fundraising page will automatically be created for you. Please share this page with friends and family!  If you receive offline donations from friends and family in the form of cash or check, please record these on our Offline Donation Form and bring the funds to a training run or race day. Fundraising supports race entries, operational costs, pre-race camp food, continued support of our mission, and so much more!
  • Fundraising Rewards.  We want to reward you for your dedication to our continued mission in the community!  Raise the below amounts and receive an mTT gift card.  You can choose to use the gift card for personal use, or gift it to your Captain!  The choice is yours!
    • $175-$299, receive a $25 gift card to the mTT Store
    • $300-$499, receive a $50 gift card to the mTT Store
    • $500+, receive a $100 gift card to the mTT Store

Elite Angel:  If you are interested in deeper experience by being a one-on-one Angel for a Captain in an event, we can support you! This experience is open for select races and is very different than a Team Angel. An Elite Angel will be the sole Angel with his/her Captain.  This is a much more challenging physical and mental endeavor.  There is a $1,000 fundraising minimum per event. Because of the unique experience and limited spots, Elite Angels are selected based on a review process.  To express interest in being reviewed for an Elite Angel spot please send your request to us at ! We will review your request and contact you to discuss further.  We look forward to learning more about your goals and interest to help our Captain’s FLY!

Training Runs: Training Runs are an important part of your Angel journey.  It is required that you attend at leas 1-2 training runs prior to race day to familiarize yourself with our equipment as well as meet other members of the team.  Below are links to our training run calendars in each region.  Please RSVP/Sign Up if you plan to attend so our local crew can prepare!

Fundraising support.  We have many opportunities to assist you in your fundraising goals.  Click here to view our Angel Fundraising toolkit

Angel FAQ:

  • Is there an Age Limit or Policy to being an Angel?  Yes.
    • 5k- 10 years of age or older
    • 10K – 14 years of age or older
    • 10k+ road race and sprint distance triathlons – 16 years of age or older
    • Half marathon, Olympic distance triathlon and duathlon – 18 years of age or older
    • Full marathon, Half Iron distance triathlon and greater – 21 year of age or older
  • Do I need to register on the actual event page as well as the mTT page?  Registration on our event page is the only registration necessary.
  • If I want to do multiple events as an Angel, do I sign up once or each time per event?   You will sign up once for each event you’d like to be an Angel.
  • Can I train with my Captain and fellow Angels?  Yes!  Training is a big part of our mission.  We facilitate trainings nearly every week of the event cycle (weather permitting).  You will be provided with information regarding training via email!
  • Am I required to come to trainings?  Angels are required to come to at least 1-2 training.  Why?  Training = relationships!  This is what our mission is all about.  Training also helps you become acclimated to guiding a Captain safely, getting to know your teammates and learning how to run as a team.
  • Can I race with Angels or a Captain of my choosing?  Yes!  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  During registration, you’ll be able to enter who you’d like to race with.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee it..
  • Can I race solo with a Captain?  We call this “Elite Angel”.  There is a higher fundraising minimum and depending on the event, we will ask questions to ensure you are ready for the increased challenge.  For more information or to express your interest about the Elite Angel experience, contact us at
  • Is fundraising required to be an Angel?  Yes, to cover event expenses, to provide a free experience for Captains and to further our mission, fundraising is required.  Be proud and bold in your fundraising.  You’ll find the tools and tips we provide will help you knock your goal out of the park!
  • If I don’t meet the fundraising minimum, can my funds raised credit toward another event?  No, funds raised for an event stays with the event.
  • If I raise above the fundraising minimum for one event, can the excess credit toward another event?  No, all funds raised for an event stay with the event.
  • Can I set up one fundraising page for all of the races I want to do?  At this time, we do not have that option as our registration and fundraising pages are linked.
  • How do I turn in off-line donations?  You can turn them in at training runs or on race day.  Enter them online here so they can be credited on your page by our staff.

Do you have what it takes to Run Like Angels?  If so, check out our events page and sign up for an event!


Questions?  Contact us

Quotes From Angels

"Being an angel has made myself and my daughter so aware of the Captains abilities and not their disabilities. Thank You."

"It has changed my life by making me stop and smell the roses. It is such a wonderful feeling when you cross the finish line with the Captain and other Angels and at the same time it is a way to get exercise in the company of amazing people."

"I have a renewed appreciation for the blessings of good health. I have caught some of the passion of the myTEAM TRIUMPH organization for members of the CP community and those with handicaps."


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