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Beyond the Chair – Eric, Ann, and Don Allen

February 1, 2019

Meet the Allen Family – Eric, Ann, and Don – of the Fox Valley Region with MyTEAM TRIUMPH – WISCONSIN. Grounded in their faith, the Allen family gave mTT a chance after a church friend suggested they do so. Active with mTT since 2013, the Allen family loves the adventure of life and ensuring Eric has every chance to experience as activities as possible. Continue reading below to hear what the Allen family had to share in their interview with myTEAM TRIUMPH – Wisconsin.

When did you first hear about myTEAM TRIUMPH? We were told about mTT by someone at our church about a week before the bombing at the Boston Marathon in 2013. We knew we wanted our son, Eric, to participate so we could support the running community. We had no idea the impact that first run would have on our family, friends, community, and especially on Eric.


What is your greatest memory with myTEAM TRIUMPH? There have been many great memories – we didn’t know a thing about MTT the first time Eric participated. From meeting the family that was serving as Eric’s personal volunteers, to the angels, fellow runners, and the beautiful smiling faces of the captains, we were so touched by the unconditional love that I think this FIRST race memory will be hard to top.


What is your favorite event with myTEAM TRIUMPH? Hmm…so many. The Bellin Run (such great support and so many teams), Fox Cities Marathon (always beautiful weather and great community support), Run With the Cops (Eric loves the lights and running through the college campus), and the EAA Runway 5K (those airplanes and the impact our mTT captains make on EVERYONE there.)


If you’re not doing something with myTEAM TRIUMPH what are you doing? Don and I are both teachers, or I should say I was (Ann) , until I retired to stay at home with Eric once he “aged out” of school. As a family, we have always prioritized our faith, family time, and being outdoors. We try to involve Eric in as many of these activities as possible. He has camped with an apnea monitor, had tube feedings while waiting for planes, trains, and even a ferry. We have ice boated with Eric, sailed, kayaked, and hiked many, many miles of trails. Don has carried Eric up sand dunes, flights of stairs, and just about every inaccessible trail there is!


What impact has myTEAM TRIUMPH had on your lives? Ha! If you know me, this is hard for me to answer in only a few words. It has allowed our family to see the most beautiful, unconditional love there is in this world. We have seen the impact Eric’s life has had on others and are blown away by the love we receive from the volunteers, angels, fellow captains and their families, donors, supporters, communities, and Christian and Tiffany. We have seen EVERYONE win when it comes to inclusion, and hope that mTT serves as a model for other organizations in this respect.


What is your favorite inspiration quote? Again, so many! I have a notebook of favorite quotes. For now, let’s say, Love thy Neighbor.


What advice would you give anyone thinking about joining myTEAM TRIUMPH? Yes join! Please! We want you to experience this! You may be apprehensive at first, like we were, but you won’t regret your involvement. Regardless of your role with mTT, you will be forever changed.


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