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Beyond the Chair: Jordan & Jeffrey Bergeman

January 10, 2019

Beyond the Chair – Jordan & Jeffrey Bergeman

Meet Jordan and Jeffrey Bergeman of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Two year veterans of myTEAM TRIUMPH, this father and son duo are Fueled by Faith in every race they enter as Jeffrey has yet to ever lose a race to his dad. While they live closest to our Eau Claire Chapter, they have participated with any and all regions — pretty much if we hear they’re racing somewhere near(ish)—within 200 miles or so, then we’re down to race — we just really love racing! Check out what Jordan and Jeffrey had to share in their interview with myTEAM TRIUMPH – Wisconsin.


When did you first hear about myTEAM TRIUMPH? We knew of mTT previously when Jess (Mother and Wife) and Jeffrey started running together in 2015. We didn’t really meet anyone from mTT until the Eau Claire Marathon in 2017 when I was able to connect with Christian at the Expo. Funny story-during that race a person on the course approached us as we were running and asked “Are you Christian?” (referring to Christian Jensen) I misunderstood his meaning and proudly proclaimed my faith in Christ to him as he looked at me a bit bewildered.


What is your greatest memory with myTEAM TRIUMPH? Ironman 2018 support crew was a blast! Just getting to experience being on the other side (not pushing a chair) and seeing firsthand all of the coordination, level of complexity and genuine care that mTT puts forth to ensure that their Captains achieve their goals was truly something incredible to be a part of. Though I’m not great at spectating without running, or pushing chairs, so maybe I might have done a little of that too that day.


What is your favorite event with myTEAM TRIUMPH? Door County Tri weekend. I enjoyed being part of the support crew that Saturday for the Sprint Triathlon, which was awesome! Sunday was amazing! With the unparalleled support of mTT, Jeffrey and I were able to accomplish our very first Half Iron distance triathlon, and not die. Swimming, biking and running in 95 degrees, and full sun, while feeling like death is my favorite!


If you’re not doing something with myTEAM TRIUMPH what are you doing? Running. Working, but thinking about running. Planning my next run. Reading about running. Registering for races that I’m not going to tell my wife about until after the payment has processed. Talking to people about running whether they want to hear about it or not. Also, eating — so many snacks. But seriously though, running races has become a wonderful activity that our whole family can do together. With Jeffrey requiring assistance for every day activities it can be difficult to find something that we all can do together. Now that we’ve found running and triathlons it has become an ALL family thing! Jordan works full time as a network engineer at a local hospital, and trains even fuller time at the YMCA. Jess hardly works at all; (except for homeschooling Susan, managing the household, around the clock cares for three children, and maintaining per diem employment as an aide in Critical Care.) Must be nice! We also enjoy having Family Fun Nights-playing board games, watching movies, and having dance parties or talent exhibitions, the nights are aptly named because according to Susan “they are fun!”


What impact has myTEAM TRIUMPH had on your lives? mTT has broadened our support network. We started out running with Jeffrey kind of on our own. Since connecting with mTT, we have an expanded support system of like-minded people spreading the message of inclusion and promoting positivity.


What is your favorite inspiration quote? Is “Why not?” an inspirational quote because that’s pretty much the motto/key phrase used in ALL of our decision making in regards to racing! “With God All Things Are Possible” (inspirational quote from Jesus). With Him nothing can limit us.


What advice would you give anyone thinking about joining myTEAM TRIUMPH? Do it, duh! Find a way to get involve. Be an Angel, because running is awesome! Not a runner (weirdo!)? Be on support crew! Don’t have time to make it to weekend events? Donate funds to further the cause! The impact of being part of mTT in any capacity and helping Captains realize their dreams is simply incredible. It not only positively affects the Captains’ lives, but also the lives of the Angels and everyone who bears witness to the beauty of inclusion.


Editor’s Note: What Jordan and Jess failed to mention was the incredible their daughter Susan participated with Jeffrey in a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) middle school cross country meet. While needing to overcome a few ‘political’ hurdles and red tape, Susan and Jeffrey competed in several meets this past fall. Jordan and Jess have truly modeled the way in their community and home for what inclusion can and should look like!

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