Welcome Board, Crew & Staff!!

Please use these materials as you need.


As I create or find materials that I feel will be useful to our team statewide, I will collect them here for you to use and share!  Please check back here regularly for updated and new materials!  (Headers in RED are links.)


Approved myTEAM TRIUMPH logo (.jpeg)

Movement Logo

Approved myTEAM TRIUMPH logo (.jpeg)


runner pusher guy

General Flyer

A general flyer that you can print off or attached to an email.

Flyer cover

The Storybrand Process: Storytelling

These slides will walk you through the process you need to tell a GREAT story; something we all need to practice!!

Storybrand Slides

The Storybrand Process: Who is the hero?

How should we be talking about mTT? What is our message?  This presentation helps us focus on those questions and more!  mTT is not the hero in the story…our people are!  mTT is simply the vessel that brings heros together.

Storybrand presentation

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong.

TED: Published on Mar 11, 2013

6 Steps to Being a Successful Fundraiser

Need some tips and tricks to help get your region’s fundraising off the ground?  Try these 6 steps!

6 steps to fundraising

Press Release

A general press release that you can use to alert your local media station about an upcoming area event.  I suggest opening the document and then saving it to your own device before making any changes.

press release

Donation Collection Spreadsheet

Use this to help you collect your offline donations.

offline donations