Challenging the Status Quo…Around the State

May 9, 2017

myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI was spread throughout the entire state this weekend with teams in Door County, Eau Claire and Kenosha.  That’s 3 events in 3 cities with 58 Angels serving 23 Captains…that’s a lot of TRIUMPH!

Although spread out in different cities, our teams were focused on one common goal; to build relationships with each other and to challenge the status quo of what “disability” looks like.  …and it’s working.

Racing with my Captain this weekend in Kenosha, I noticed a considerable difference from the first time I raced with myTEAM TRIUMPH a few years ago.  In that first race, people would clap as we ran by -unsure of what they were seeing.  This weekend was completely different.  Runners, police, race volunteers and spectators all shouting for our Captain.  “Great job runners” has now been replaced with “GO SETH!” and “It’s so great to see you out here again!”

One particular runner on the course this weekend said, “I see Team Triumph everywhere.  How big are you guys?” and I chuckled to myself.  Why?  It was a gentle reminder that Team Seth is not myTeam Triumph any more than any one of our individual Captains, Angels or Crew members are.  But together, as a group, that’s when we become myTeam Triumph-WI.  All of us, together, bonded by a common purpose.  Individually, we are playing a role in a much larger story but together we are changing what “disability” looks like. Together, we are creating moments of TRIUMPH!

by Karla Sturycz
Eau Claire Marathon 9 Captains, 3 Angels
Wisconsin Marathon 7 Captains, 13 Angels
Door County Marathon 7 Captains, 14 Angels


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