Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered for an event. What now?

Welcome to the team!!  Now that you’ve registered for an event, you should expect to receive an email from us.  This email will contain a link to your own personal fundraising page (even if you paid your registration) that you can share with friends and family over you social accounts or email.

Do I still need to register with the event itself?

Nope! Once you register with us, you are all set to go! We will make sure you are registered with the event.

Who is eligible to be a Captain?

Anyone with a visible or invisible disability! Any age. Any disability!

How much does it cost to be a Captain?

Although you are more than welcome to fundraise, our Captains race for free.

Do I need to know my Captain before the race? 

Building impactful relationship are key to the success of myTEAM TRIUMPH.  But, it is not a requirement to know your Captain prior to race day.  We do, however, offer weekly training runs in your area and ask that you attend at least one prior to race day.  This is a great opportunity to meet your Captain and teammates.

Where can I purchase myTEAM TRIUMPH WI items?

You can purchase items from our online store or in person at our Premier Events.

How do I donate? 

There are 3 easy ways to donate.

  1. You can donate from the myTEAM TRIUMPH WI website.
  2. Text to Give at 920-214-0126
  3. Offline donations can be sent to: 1406 S. Jackson Street, Green Bay, WI 53401

Why is there a registration fee/fundraising requirement for Angels?

As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on Angel registrations and fundraising dollars to support our statewide mission!

There is a common misconception that all of our race entry fees are 100% comp’d; this simply is not true.  While we do have wonderful working relationships with our races, we are (in most cases) responsible for paying for our athlete’s registrations.

As an Angel, do I have options to pay for my registration fee? 

As of 2018, YES!

  1. Angels can fundraise the registration fee by entering code FUNDRAISE at checkout.
  2. Angels can pay the registration fee at check out time. (This does not apply to Premier Events)
  3. Angels can become a Triumph Member and race in all non-Premier Event races for free!

What is the registration cost? 

Cost of registration is based on distance.  The general rule is:

  • 5K – $40, 10K- $60,
  • 1/2 Marathon & Sprint Tri- $100,
  • Full Marathon & Olympic Tri-$150

Prices are subject to change.

What is a Premier Event?

New in 2018, our Premier Events offer an entirely new mTT experience on race day.  Offered only at our largest races around the state, these events will offer something for the whole family – not just the athlete.  Because of the size and amenities offered, Angels are required to fundraise a minimum of $250 ($200 for Triumph Members).

Do I have to become a Triumph Member to participate?

Absolutely NOT! Our Triumph Membership program is just one fo the ways for you to get involved!  It was started to help relieve some of the fundraising fatigue facing our Angels involved in multiple events and as a way to offer some additional perks to those that have committed to giving a reoccurring donation throughout the year.