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“Freedom is what myTEAM TRIUMPH means to me” – Captain Nathan Gross

December 16, 2013


Freedom is what myTEAM TRIUMPH means to me

By Captain Nathan Gross

I don’t communicate with words but I hear everything.
They think I don’t hear them but I do.
When I hear there is a race coming I can’t contain myself.
I ask anyone who will listen (look at my signs) about the upcoming race.
They call it perseverance because it I can’t stop talking about it.
That’s how much I love MTT.

If I know the race is the next day, I can hardly sleep if at all because I am soooo excited.
When I get to the race it is still dark.
Did all of these people come to do this for me and my other friends with special needs?
I can feel the loving kindness vibes from everyone.
Volunteers give me my racing bib and a blanket, sign me up and put the timing chip on my ankle.
Others put my race chair together.
I get my picture taken again and again.
I feel famous.

I have anxiety and hurt myself so bad that I’ve ended up in the ER.
I try not to do this but I can’t help it.
But when I am running, biking or being pulled in a raft, all of my troubles fade away.
I am free.

I never hurt myself when I am in a race.
I don’t care if it cold, hot, raining, windy or snowing.
I am free.

The crowds roar with applause, yell my name and some have a tear in their eye.
I feel the wind in my face when I go fast.
What a feeling…freedom!

My angels are my heroes.
They ask me how I am doing and I tell them to go faster, faster faster.
I am so happy I am singing.
Going over bumps and fast curves is exhilarating.
I am free.

Even strangers make a difference.
Once I had to go to the bathroom so bad my angels took me into a kind person’s home.
My caregiver, chauffeur, and friend, Christina has been inspired to take up running after she witnessed one of my races.
She is now my angel and volunteer.
I have started to get out of my racing trailer to walk across the finish line with help.
It isn’t easy for me to walk because I wear a prosthesis on my leg that is shorter.
I am free.

Tears and cheers are everywhere.
My angels have changed my life but I have changed theirs too.
One of my angels said his troubles feel minimal compared to mine.
This (tough guy) was bawling his eyes out after the race.
We all get lots of endorphins, the feel good hormone.
I am free.

MTT has made my family and me very happy.
My parents are very appreciative of MTT and the positive changes in me.
They tell everyone the know about MTT.
I am finally free!


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