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How do I sign up to participate with myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI?

Step 1: Pick an event from our event list.

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Step 2: Register for the event.

Step 3: Set up your fundraising page.

It’s that simple!

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What does it take to #runlikeangels?

We TRIUMPH together.

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Join our ever growing team.

Meet peers and connect with others in the community! Children and adults of any age living with any visible or invisible disability are invited to join COST FREE.

myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI provides the specialized equipment to fit your specific needs and the support of a team that redefines the word achieve.


From the weekend jogger to the trained triathlete, our Captains need you to TRIUMPH!

From registration to finish line, we want you to enjoy your TRIUMPH experience.  Once you register for an event from our event list, you will begin receiving email communications from us.  We will register you with the event, pair you up with your race-day team members based on experience level and have your packet ready for you on race day.

**We do ask that you help to spread our mission through fundraising. We also suggest that you attend at least 1 local training run prior to your event to meet your team and become familiar with the equipment.




Not feeling quite ready to get behind that chair but still want to do something impactful in your community? You can help behind the scenes.
Our Captains and Angels need race-day support. Setting up equipment, supporting our teams on the racecourse and working in our family hospitality tent are just a few of the ways that you can help. Our teams rely on the support of our Race Volunteers to be successful; making your volunteered time deeply valued by our members.


Want to do MORE?!  Apply today to join our myTEAM TRIUMPH Crew & Staff.

"My team of Angels were so encouraging, along with my Captain. We were all strangers before the race and by the end I felt a connection to everyone because of what we experienced together!" -Angel

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Board members are essential for our success by being advocates and ambassadors of our mission. Interested? Click here to view the full job description.

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