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“Getting there together was the real goal.” – Angel, Lisa Bell

December 10, 2015



“myTEAM TRIUMPH represents everything that is “right” about being a part of a community. Taking the collective talents of one group in the community and allow those talents to empower and enhance the lives of others is what being a part of a community is all about…it is also what mTT is all about! I was told many years ago, by a very bright woman that it was our responsibility to make the community we live in a better place for having us in it…to be selfless and humble for we all had been given talents to share.

As a mTT Angel for Captain Miguel I have been able to share myself and the fun of running with the most incredible guy I know. I have seen a lot of finish lines and thought that was always the end goal…until Miguel. I have learned through Miguel that although the excitement of finishing is exhilarating…getting there together was the real goal. Week after week Miguel came ready for the challenge…and always, literally always with a huge smile on his face. Even when it hurt…and we all know running has its moments when it hurts…Miguel’s smile continued to remind me that what I was feeling was just a moment in time, part of the journey…and would pass…Miguel and his Angels well…we had bigger hurdles to cross and together we did just that!!”

Lisa Bell

Dean and St. Mary’s Healthcare


*Dean and St. Mary’s have stepped up to support our 2015 Black Tie Tri Shorts Gala as Marathon Sponsor and also to support our Capital Campaign by purchasing a new race chair for mTT.  Lisa is also a member of our 2016 IRONMAN Wisconsin team!  Thank you, Dean and St. Mary’s for your support!

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