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Lake Geneva: BigFoot Triathlon Recap

June 27, 2017

The Growth Continues…

myTeam Triumph teams getting ready to take on the BigFoot Tri on June 25th.

Surpassing last years Captain participation and 2017 goal set by myTeam Triumph management, the Lake Geneva Region sent 8 Captains, 27 Angels and supplied 20 volunteers to RAM Racing at the BigFoot Triathlon held in Lake Geneva, WI on June 25th.  “The Lake Geneva Region is just continuing to grow.  This was a great event.” says Christian Jensen, Executive Director.

The region is led by Jeremy Houtakker and Ross Giese.  Both put in tireless hours preparing for this event; organizing Angels, Captains & Volunteers, recruiting and hosting weekly training session were just a few of the areas that these leaders touched.  In an email sent yesterday to the race participants, Jeremy, recapped this event experience;

“Wow! What a week we had in the Lake Geneva Region of myTEAM TRIUMPH. Thursday’s final training night before the race was a great practice for the big event and we enjoyed some great potluck treats and pizza from Next Door Pub during our pre-race camp. I cannot express to you how much love I have seeing everyone together, laughing, and enjoying each others’ company and building relationships. Please stop in to Next Door Pub some time soon and tell them how much we all appreciate their donation and their support for our community.

Sunday was race day! First, I would like to say thanks to all of our race day support volunteers and those that helped us fulfill our spotlight charity commitments with RAM Racing. We had 8 team successfully cross the finish line. The rain held off this year, but the wind led to some very choppy conditions for the swim and extra challenging resistance on the bike, and the Big Foot trails are always a bit of a challenge. Seeing our Angels working even harder than they had planned and never giving up reminded me again of the dedication that each of us puts in to our teams and how much more than a race this whole experience truly is. I heard Angels saying “I knew that if I can just get us to the turn around of the swim, we would be fine.” My Captain “kept cheering and pushing me up the hill.” “I couldn’t believe how many other athletes wished us good luck or cheered us on or told us what and inspiration our Captain was to them.” Then there’s all the stories of seeing our Captains and Teams crossing the finish line, smiling, arms raised in triumph, and funny moments along the course… Thank you all who participated in our training nights, volunteered, participated, and to all the family members involved.

This is also a great time to recognize our crew members and staff again. As a team, they put in countless hours behind the scenes and at our training nights to keep our region going and growing successfully. Thanks again Tom Macone, Britt Ecklund, Karrie Gibson, Jeanne Bishop, Ross Giese (co-leader), Christian Jensen (executive director), Kristen Wold (race manager), and Karla Sturycz (marketing manager). Also, thanks to our Team Mom, Pam Jensen, for your help!”

With the leadership of Jeremy and Ross, the passion of the people involved in the region and the support of this community – I can’t wait to see how this region grows throughout the years.  Thank you, Lake Geneva Region, for embracing, celebrating and empowering one another.  You are true examples of the myTeam Triumph mission.

If you are interested in participating in a local event in or around the Lake Geneva Region, please check out our event listing for #runlikeangels

Karla Sturycz, Marketing Manager-myTeam Triumph-WI

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