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Meet Captain Kayla’s Ironman Team

September 6, 2017


When on the phone last week with this Ironman Team, the thing that struck me the most was the playfulness between them; with Dave being on the short end of Kayla’s jokes!!  At one point, when walking through race weekend plans, Kayla jumped in and warned Dave, “We meet at 9am, Dave, you better be ready at 8:30.” …Dave was quick to defend himself with, “Hey! I need time to fix my hair!”.
My wife of 20 years, Christi, and I have two sons. My oldest, Tyler, is 18 and headed off to UW Oshkosh next week. My youngest, Nathan, is 15 and a sophomore at De Pere High School. My hobbies mainly include running and biking. I’ve completed a few marathons and then decided to get into triathlon about 3 years ago. I didn’t really know how to swim, but more on that further along this story. I’ve done some different distances in tri including some half iron distance, but this is my first time participating in any part of a full ironman event.
When did you start with myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI?
I did my first event with mTT about 5 years ago. I saw mTT in several events that I participated in by myself and decided I wanted in. I was intrigued and I started to learn more about the organization from the website. I read Dick Hoyt’s book “Devoted: The Story of a Man’s Love for His Son” and that sealed the deal. I wanted my training and events to be more meaningful than what I could accomplish on my own and mTT has made that possible. I started showing up at the Wednesday night training events in Green Bay and immediately felt like I was welcomed into something special. My first mTT event was the Bellin Run and I was hooked. I try to make as many training events with the team as I can and have done several events over the years including runs and tri events.
I supported Team Chris Engstrom in 2017 with her Angel, Eric Johnson. I went on some training rides with them and helped with some transportation and transition support in some events leading up to IMWI. They were a great team and I enjoyed sharing the jouney with them. I still remember when the thought of doing the IMWI bike leg grabbed me while washing the bugs off my car from a late July drive to Madison to do a training ride with Chris and Eric. I was elbow deep in suds and replaying the ride from the day before in my mind. I was thinking about how Eric and Chris defied the laws of physics climing those hills. A conversation started in my head, “They’re crazy….gotta have a few screws loose to do that…you should do that…What?…yeah, I wanna do that!”  The idea energized me and as time went on, it would pop into my head every now and again. I spectated at the IMWI event and the thought really took hold and I started to make plans to throw my hat in the ring to do IMWI in 2018 with mTT.  I was fortunate enough to be able to turn that thought into action.
Be sure to follow along on our Facebook page as Dave and Captain Kayla tackle all 112-miles on Sunday, September 10th!

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