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Meet the Ironman Team: Captain Kayla

September 8, 2017

The Captain: Kayla

If you have been following along this week, you have met the extraordinary athletes that will be wearing ‘mTT Red & White’ at Ironman Wisconsin on Sunday, but at the center of this team is their leader, Captain Kayla.

In her young life, Kayla has met more challenges than most do in a lifetime.  Born with cerebral palsy but not diagnosed, she lost her father from cancer at age 8, finally received her CP diagnosis at age 11 and has fought anxiety since at 13.  Now, at 20 years old, Captain Kayla is ready to face yet another challenge; Ironman Wisconsin.


Captain Kayla joined the myTEAM TRIUMPH-WI family in 2015 and has been off and running since!  
“It all started when I asked my guidance counselor if they could possibly do the Door County half marathon and the 5K that went along with that [with me]. I had 2 of my teachers and one of my uncles that was able to do my first mTT event. “
Bellin 2017
Knowing the what this organization has provided to her, Captain Kayla, wants to give back and has recently asked to be an official Captain Ambassador for the Wisconsin Chapter.
“I love this amazing organization and what they provide for differently abled athletes.  I recently asked Christian if I could be a captain ambassador because I would like to get more people in Door County to be able to participate in athletic events besides special Olympics.  I will always do mTT for however long I can. This is another family.”
“Captain Kayla’s energy is infections!  She has become a face that you expect to see at races and she goes out of her way to try and talk with everyone at our events.  On top of it all, she’s the queen of snapchat filters!  I am so proud to know Captain Kayla and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!”, Karla Sturycz- Marketing Manager. 
Queen of Snapchat!
Captain Kayla is really excited for her upcoming race.  She has been training, right alongside her angels for months.  Working on her endurance as well.  Captain Kayla will be sitting in that chair for nearly 17 hours.  That would be difficult for anyone to do!  She’s going to get just as fatigued as her Angels out on that course.  She’s worked hard for Sunday and she’s going to do great.  We are all really proud of her!”, Christian Jensen – Executive Director.     
But, excited as Captain Kayla is for Ironman Wisconsin, she, like most of the athletes that will be lining up on race day has one fear;
“For Ironman, I’m a bit nervous about not being able to make the cutoffs.”
…But she’s confident in her Angels (Barb, Dave & Tricia) and will do whatever she can to help them reach those cutoffs in time!!



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