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myTEAM TRIUMPH leaves a “profound impact”

February 24, 2015

“My wife, Sue, and I had the opportunity to see the profound impact that being an Angel for myTEAMTRIMPH had on our daughter, Lauren. For several weeks leading up to the race, we watched Lauren train and develop a relationship with her Captain, Adam, and his family. Seeing how overjoyed Lauren, Adam and his family were on race day, we learned that mTT is much more than running a race; it’s a life changing experience for all involved, including us as viewers. Sue and I felt strongly that we wanted to be a part of this experience and support the mTT mission by sponsoring a chair so that more Angels, like Lauren, and more Captains, like Adam, and their families have the opportunity to develop these lasting relationships with one another. We are looking forward to running with a Captain in this chair knowing that we helped make this life changing experience possible.”


-Larry Lindsley

Summit Planning Group

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