myTEAM TRIUMPH organizes Muck-Suck 20-ish trail event around Lake Geneva’s Lakeshore path

May 15, 2017

myTEAM TRIUMPH organizes Muck-Suck 20-ish trail event around Lake Geneva’s Lakeshore path.

This event is named after a Potawatomi Chief who lived on the lake.

myTEAM TRIUMPH – Wisconsin Chapter (mTT) is a human service organization that enriches the lives of those with diverse abilities through a teamwork approach of endurance athletics. The Wisconsin Chapter is one of 30+ chapters of the international organization.  mTT brings people of diverse abilities together to train for and participate in road races and triathlons of all different distances.

Started in 2010 by Christian Jensen, a native of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, who currently lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the organization has grown rapidly since it’s inception.  On an annual basis mTT currently serves more than 500 athletes with disabilities called Captains and 3000 able-bodied athletes called Angels in 40+ community events around the state. mTT is governed by a Board of Directors and lead by full-time executive director Christian Jensen and two part-time staff members.  mTT executes its programs thanks to the vital support of the volunteer leaders in seven major communities around the state of Wisconsin.

In late 2016 mTT began discussions to put on a fun, non-competitive trail run/walk around the beautiful lakeshore path of Lake Geneva Wisconsin. This public path is widely regarded as one of the most scenic around. Covering more than 20 miles of Lakeshore, the path treats adventurers to the stunning views of Lake Geneva.

Every year, local charities who focus on breast cancer treatment, veterans support and more, utilize this public access path to raise vital support for their causes.  As recently as 2011, the path hosted the “Euro Cross Country Marathon”, a 22 mile race on the lake shore path.

mTT has employed a professional event director to plan the event.  Led by the director, the event committee has reached out to community officials to obtain necessary and requested permits for use of parks and other spaces.

During the planning process of Muck Suck, a local township, a number of homeowners and certain news outlets in Lake Geneva have expressed opposition to the event.

While we have offered a response to their concerns directly, we believe it is important to share publicly what we are doing to ensure all parties are heard and accommodated the to best of our ability.

Competitive races are not allowed on the lake path.

  • Muck Suck is not a competitive event.  We are not offering awards, timing or a competitive environment.  We have been very clear the event is meant to be fun and non-competitive.  

The lake path is not meant to be commercialized.

  • It is true, we are raising funds for our mission through the event by selling registrations.  Many events have in the past and currently sell registrations or accept donations from those participating in their event along the path.  The lake path has also been a major part of tourism marketing by local communities.

The lake path is not safe to support a trail walk/run.

  • While the Lake Geneva path does have parts that are narrow and technical, it has been rated as “easy” compared to other trails.  We have also developed a safety plan in conjunction with local officials to respond to any needs that arise.

The event will not benefit local individuals and businesses.

  • myTEAM TRIUMPH has been serving people with disabilities in Lake Geneva since 2011.  These local efforts are organized by volunteer leaders who are Lake Geneva area residents.  The participants of the event will have a measurable contribution to the local economy as they and their families enjoy Lake Geneva.  Many plan to stay, dine and shop at local establishments.

The event will damage private property of home owners

  • We have directly communicated the “rules of the trail” and the importance of respecting the private property of home owners on our website.  We will communicate this via email before the event and in person when participants arrive.  We will also have volunteers along the course monitoring the athletes and course.

The path is too narrow to support a large scale event.

  • The scale of the event is small.  We anticipate up to 150 total participants most of which are relay athletes.  At any given point there will be 50-60 athletes spread out on the 20+ mile path.  This is a rather modest number compared to how many use the path on a daily basis.

The path is too dangerous for racing wheelchairs

  • The path is not suitable for wheelchairs.  It was never our intent to use our chairs on the path.  This is a fundraiser for our mission, we will invite individuals with disabilities to our post-race celebration to be part of the event!

From the very start of our planning process, we have been committed to working as closely as possible with local officials to ensure Muck Suck is a great experience for all involved.

For more information, or to schedule an interview contact:

Christian Jensen

Executive Director

myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin






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