Operation Guardian Angel

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Operation Guardian Angel is a program specifically designed to enrich the lives of our active and veteran service members through the diversely abled teamwork environment of endurance athletics.

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Service members can join as a Captain (athlete with a disability) or an Angel (able-bodied athlete) to participate as a team in a road race or Triathlon!

The experience builds self confidence, sense of teamwork and authentic relationships!

Thanks to our program sponsor, Schneider, these opportunities are completely free of charge!

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Meet our Operation Guardian Angel Coordinator:

Aaron Hunnel

Aaron is a military veteran and community leader with over 14 years of service and two deployments. Aaron enjoys adventure and challenging the status quo by racing with athletes of different abilities in ultra-endurance events. He has been involved with myTEAM TRIUMPH since 2011 and lives in Appleton, WI, with his wife, Marissa, and his kids Gabe, Adri, and Pareesa.

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