Our Impact

Our Impact

Serving each other. Connecting through challenges. Celebrating what’s possible.  It’s not about the run.  It’s about what the run allows us to explore.  This is our impact!

The video below tells the story of how Christian Jensen, his wife Tiffany and their friend Mary Cox started the Wisconsin Chapter of myTEAM TRIUMPH.


Impact Stories

2016 Impact Survey

  At the end of 2016, we started our first ever survey to measure the impact of our organization.  We surveyed our program participants in seven key areas: Connectivity and relationships Shared purpose Life satisfaction Wellbeing Fostering diversity Community involvement Self Discovery 157 individuals responded to the survey.  The results have inspired and challenged us […]

Aon employees help visually impaired Captain Patrick set new goals!

Our involvement with mTT has literally changed those of us that have participated in training runs, events, and/or been fortunate to have Captains and Angels address our offices. Not only do we have a greater understanding of the difficulties disabled individuals and their families go through every day, but we have experienced their compassion for […]

“Getting there together was the real goal.” – Angel, Lisa Bell

  “myTEAM TRIUMPH represents everything that is “right” about being a part of a community. Taking the collective talents of one group in the community and allow those talents to empower and enhance the lives of others is what being a part of a community is all about…it is also what mTT is all about! I […]

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