RE:FIND Leadership Challenge by myTEAM TRIUMPH

a friendly leadership challenge that encourages wellness with a purpose in your organization and community.



Presented by myTEAM TRIUMPH in partnership with local businesses and race officials.

Helping leaders and associates of Wisconsin corporations find a purpose to health and wellness that goes beyond the physical, extending into a heart level.

Leaders of top Wisconsin companies will invite associates in their business to participate on their corporate “team”.


Inspirational speakers.

Leadership Development workshops.

Educational seminars on health and wellness within your business.

Training runs with mTT Captain and fellow Angels weekly 


Health of associates

Servant community impact leadership values

Team building opportunity

Deep relationships forged

Community impact


  • Lift up people of all abilities to “redefine ACHIEVE”
  • Develop servant leaders focused on living purposeful lives
  • Positive change through vulnerability
  • Make an impact in the community and in the workplace
  • Develop an authentic relationship between associates and people with diverse abilities
  • Generate goodwill marketing for the Corporation



Area business leaders will be invited to an informational event with special guest presentation, overview of the program and call to action to sign up for the challenge.


Participants will grow as through weekly leadership development workshops, inspirational speakers and educational seminars on health and wellness. Relationships and physical training will be developed through weekly training runs with Angels and Captains from myTEAM TRIUMPH.


Pre race camp with all participants includes inspirational presentation, team meal, meet and greet with team members.


Local 5k - Marathon!

Post Race Celebration: Special Event Held to Celebrate Success, Share Stories and Best Practices of Building Wellness with a Purpose in Coporations.

Legacy: Corporation can sponsor the purchase of a branded mTT racing chair that can serve as a 'vehicle for service' and bring their associates together to participate in mTT events for years to come. This chair can be announced at the Post Race Celebration.

Media: Local media partners, mTT marketing prepare and package the program progress and tell the story via local media, web, social media.


Kick Off

August 9, 2016

Fox Cities 5K

September 17, 2016

Fox Cities Half & Full Marathon

September 18, 2016


REFIND Challenge enhances servant leadership values at Aon

“The REFIND Challenge provided our team a unique opportunity for team building that really enforced Servant Leadership by having our efforts focus on not only our experience but also that of our Captain and his family members.  This opportunity was further enhanced by creating an environment whereby team participation was encouraged across generations, job levels and departments, creating a different type of team connection than that provided by typical team building efforts.  In addition, it greatly supported our organization’s commitment to wellness, both mentally and physically.  It is an experience I would highly recommend to any organization and the benefits far outweigh the costs both personally and professionally.”

-Robert Fleming | Resident Managing Director, Aon Risk Solutions

myTEAM TRIUMPH leaves a “profound impact”

“My wife, Sue, and I had the opportunity to see the profound impact that being an Angel for myTEAMTRIMPH had on our daughter, Lauren. For several weeks leading up to the race, we watched Lauren train and develop a relationship with her Captain, Adam, and his family. Seeing how overjoyed Lauren, Adam and his family were on race day, we learned that mTT is much more than running a race; it’s a life changing experience for all involved, including us as viewers. Sue and I felt strongly that we wanted to be a part of this experience and support the mTT mission by sponsoring a chair so that more Angels, like Lauren, and more Captains, like Adam, and their families have the opportunity to develop these lasting relationships with one another. We are looking forward to running with a Captain in this chair knowing that we helped make this life changing experience possible.”


-Larry Lindsley

Summit Planning Group

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